Books and E-books

After finish my college, i don’t have many activities. i just watch movies and drama series. I decide to read my books and e-books that i’m not done read it yet.

well, i start with fairy tales e-books.

Back to childhood. haha
actually i read e-book to improve my English skill.
yes. the e-book is in English.

The link below is the list of my e-books.

well i already read 2 e-books. maybe 40 more to go. LOL.
let’s make it finish at October 31st 2014.

Past the Second part from Final Project

Finally God,

yesterday i already finished my second part from final project although i have to edit my final project draft to continue to last part of final project. i’m really happy after this part. at least ‘a half part of me already graduate’. LOL


Even i ever thought to quit, at least my journey to graduation looks really smooth.:)


It’s time to make edit my draft.:)

Let’s hope i can finish this sooner and graduate.:)

See you in September 2014 Graha ITS.


What If …

What If I choose to delay it? Will I disappointed everyone?

I just want to do the best for my final project.

I don’t want to embarrass myself, my family, even my FP counselor.

GOD help me. I don’t know what to do.


I really can’t make decision. must i ask my counselor about this?

He will mad at me because i never try to do the best before.😥


I really don’t know what to do.

Help Me GOD. Only You who know the best for Your children.



In My Mind

In My Mind i thought about run away

In My Mind i thought about quit

In My Mind i thought about my passion that hasn’t i grab it yet

In My Mind i thought i should leave anything behind and not listen to everyone

In My Mind i thought i should only listen to myself


In My Other Mind I don’t want to disappointed my family

In My Other Mind I don’t want to disappointed anyone who have big expectation to me.

In My Other Mind I don’t want to waste my last five years in my college.

In My Other Mind I only want to prove that I could be a person that anyone could say proudly ‘ She is my daughter, sister, friend and my ex-student’.



Things that I do …

Listening Music, Watching Movie or Dorama or TV Series, and soon..

This time i wanna tell you about my fave musician. A singer that make debut in Youtube. you can check his channel below.

oh, right i forgot to introduce him. His name is David Choi.

the reason why i write about him because yesterday (September 6th). He came to Surabaya, Indonesia to sing in A birthday party. I met him in Juanda International Airport when my friends and i wanna say goodbye to my friend, Erri who wanna continue his study in Taiwan. first time i saw him, i told to my friend, Ami, but she told me that impossible that was him. well i believe her. but when i saw him at second time, i believe that was him. my friend, Tidung and i ran to find him before he gone.

And that’s right, He is DAVID CHOI..!! This is the photo that i take with him. ^,^

David Choi and I (Chris) ^^

David Choi and I (Chris) ^^

okay.. okay.. skip story about i met him.  ==”

I like his songs. all of his songs..:)

i don’t know how to describe it. just listen to his songs and don’t forget to comment in this post so i know your opinion. ^,^

My fave songs from his songs are :

1. Underneath Your Love , this song is a song that make me know about him. really a romantic song.

2. Missing Piece

3. Can’t take this away

4. Thinking of You

5. Lucky Guy, a sad song😥

mostly from his 3rd album, but that doesn’t mean his 1st and 2nd album aren’t good. all of his songs is good. trust me and just listen to his songs. i love his voice, love when he plays guitar, ukulele, and piano.

ups gotta go.

well, let me know your  opinion about him. (comment,,, comment,, don’t forget to comment!!! hehe)

Special Thanks to Wongfu Production. I know him because watching your movies.:)

Lots of Love,


Confess or not?

video that i give you link above, it’s part of a movie. The title is ‘You’re The Apple of My Eye’. The movie is about a boy who fall in love with a girl but he never tell the girl about his feeling. well at the end, the girl get married with another guy.

Sometimes it happen to many people around the world. A man or Woman sometimes can’t tell their feeling to people their like. maybe because they think it will be embarrassed if the man/woman not like them.

well, actually i have friend (let’s say ‘A’, and people that ‘A’ like is ‘B’) that have the same problem. ‘A’ like ‘B’ since high school. they were in the same class since 2nd year. they are best friend (well, maybe that’s why ‘A’ didn’t wanna ‘B’ know about ‘A’s feeling.
let’s make it short, in the end ‘B’ already have a date and you know what ‘A’ say? –> well, i’m not that pretty so i have to let ‘B’ go.

i don’t know what i have to say. anything that i say to ‘A’ will useless because ‘A’ already hurt.

the important thing that i wanna tell you is no matter what happen later, let’s tell the person that you like the truth. Because if you not, you will regret your choice for didn’t tell that person.

At least you let him know about your feeling, although it will be really hard.



Sadness to me right now are :

1. Disappointed my Mom and Dad
2. Disappointed my Brother and Sister
3. Disappointed my other Family
4. Disappointed my Friends
5. Disappointed my lecturers

maybe all of you ever feel that. but this is when the first time i really feel ashamed even for my parent. i really ashamed because of my last post about my final project. OMG!! What am i doing this 3 months?

GOD Help ME., PLEASE! I don’t know what to do..😦

Final Project 2

well last time when i upload my blog about final project, it’s about i forgot my phone when i applied to Galaxy Mall for my final project. This time i will tell you about my condition about final project.

My final project is about count carbon emission from electricity in building. i choose Mall as place that i want to analyze. electricity that i want to count are from air conditioners and lamps.

until i still wait permission to take samples from that building. i can’t graduate at September 2013 because of that. i can’t make it on time as my plan. i hope i can make it at December 2013. Fighting!!

well, i already make my mom and dad disappointed. they want me to graduate on time because they already retired from their job. they said they didn’t have enough money to pay my college if i want to continue my college outside Indonesia..

that’s make me wanna finish my college fast and find a job. beside that, my brother and sister already late. my sister maybe can graduate this September. my brother don’t ask!! But i’m happy, although they disappointed to us but didn’t like other parents that would mad and didn’t talk to us..

but i know they really disappointed with us.. let me say again REALLY DISAPPOINTED.. but i didn’t know either is true or no.. BUT I REALLY FEEL SORRY for not make them happy..


Alone!! :(